PARCCentral VIP Club aims to provide every member with superior and privileged treatment! You can register as a Platinum Card member at L1(next to Apple Store) or B2 Concierge if your total consumption is over 20,000* on the day or 50,000* in the year. You can register as a Gold Card member if your accumulated consumption is over 3,000 RMB on the day or 10,000 RMB in the year *


 * Electronic payment only (bank card, wechat corporate payment, Alipay corporate payment and Apple Pay)

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* Electronic payment only (bank card, Apple Pay, wechat for public payment and Alipay for public payment)

* Printed receipts and evidence of payment are required: 

1)The Bank card and POS receipts for payments with bank cards;

2)The original of evidence of payment or the original of billing statement for payments with Apple Pay, WeChat Pay or Alipay